Timer requires jQuery. It works in all major modern browsers and even some of the older.Its open source, meaning that its free to use in your personal or commercial projects.


Settable Options
Timer comes with many settable configuration options that let you customize how it operates.

Option Description Data Type Default
time Set the time for which the Timer is supposed to run. The value of time is in millisecond (ms) and maximum time can be 99 minute and 99 sec and minimum time is 3000 ms. integer 3000
delay The Timer Start running after the delay time. Its value is in millisecond (ms) and you can assign as much value as you need. integer 0
lastLoad This provides the facility to begin the timer before(false) or after(true) the document is loaded. boolean true
triggerBefore Trigger the function Before the Timer is started. function function() {}
triggerAfter Trigger the function After the Timer is ended. function function() {}
triggerOn Trigger the function on the provided time
(in ms).
function {
recursive Recursively run the Timer as many time as it is set. integer 0
animate Animate the Timer. Sorry But due to browser compatibility issue its still need to be fixed. boolean false
visibility It maintain the visibility of the Timer. Its value ranges from 0(invisible) to 1(visible); float 1
pauseOnBlur On Blur of the window, the Timer will be paused if its value is true. boolean false
minuteHide While true only second will be displayed and the minute will be hidden. boolean false


Installing Timer is soo simple just follow the following points and then you will get the Timer in yor web page.

Add jQuery : Add this jQuery to your web page.

                        <link type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.9.1.min.js">

Add timer.css : Download the Rar file and add the timer.css to your page.

                        <link href="css/timer.css" rel="stylesheet"/>

Add timer.js : Download the Rar file and add the timer.js to your page.

                        <script href="js/timer.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Create a tag with some id or class : To insert the timer in to that tag. Also You can use your existing id or class.

                        <div id="timer"></div>

Add below Script to the page : Here You can choose different option according to above Settable Options.

                        <script type="text/javascript">
                            $(document).ready(function () {
                                    triggerAfter: function () {/*function to execute after the given time*/
                                    minuteHide: false,
                                    time: 160000,
                                    pauseOnBlur: true

I am sure that without any problem you have this Timer to your web page. You can give any look that you desire to the timer by editing the "timer.css". If anything you needed to add and you cant then let me know if i can then sure i will help you.


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